Skye Ballet Center LLC

Young Dancer 3;

Ages 9-11

For the Young Dancer age  who loves ballet. Three days a week, 4 classes in Technique and Pointe/Pre Pointe

Theatricals Girls /Adult Tank leotard #N5501C in Purple
Body Wrappers Mesh Tights in Classic Pink
Canvas Ballet shoes, pointe shoes as determined by SBC

*We are an Audition school. Please email us at to set up an audition.


Professional Division:

Ages 16-19 

Guiding the serious and professionally inclined, and talented dancer towards the professional dance career. Classes include all Pre Professional classes as well as Wednesday 10:00-1:00pm. Resume building, Photos, Professional connections, coaching  and training in teaching is all included in this program. 

Uniform:                                                                                                         Any color leotard and pink tights 

Pre Professional  Division:  

Ages 13-16

The serious student pursuing a career in dance.

Classes Monday- Saturday in Technique, pointe, Variations and Pas de Deux. This level trains intensely for competitions such as YAGP and Easton International Ballet Competition, along with the SBC Performance Season. Pre Professional Division Dancers also take part in the SBC Master Class Series.


Natalie  or" Luili Pinch" Front tank leotard in Black,                                                                           Black color skirt (Bullet Pointe Recommended)

Fuchsia leotard for Friday
White leotard and skirt for Saturdays
Body Wrappers Mesh Tights in Classical Pink, 
Canvas ballet shoes in pink,  Pointe shoes



Youth America Grand Prix Coaching and training is offered to Young Dancer 3, Elite , Pre Professional and Professional  Division dancers.

Young Dancer Level 2:

Ages 7-9

One or two technique classes per week

 Theatricals Girl Cotton Tank #TH5512C in lavender
 Body Wrappers Mesh Tights in Classic Pink
 Canvas ballet shoes

Young Dancer Level 1: 

​Ages 5-7

One technique classes per week
"Luili" Girl Cotton Tank in Fuchsia
Body Wrappers Mesh Tights in Classic Pink
 Canvas ballet shoes in pink.

Boys Division:

Ages 5-18
Black shorts or tights(Capezio,WearMoi or M. Stevens),
White tshirt ( Mstevens, Allenbodywear, Champion)
Baltogs dance belt, thin white socks and canvas ballet shoes in white.
Pre School boys may wear black shorts.

*Boys are tuition free

Uniform may be purchased at the Cinnamon Tree in Herndon VA or online at Discount Dance; use our Discount code #TP60449

*New this Year! We will have orders for Uniform leotards with SBC Logo at our Open House on Saturday August 5th!

Elite Division :

Ages 11-14

Intermediate level for those students gaining the desire to pursue dance seriously. Dancers attend 4 days a week, classes in Technique, Pointe and Variations. This level also competes in YAGP and participates in the SBC Master Class Series.

"Luili" Pinch front tank leotard OR Luilli Child Tank   in Navy, Fuchsia (for Friday)  and White for Saturday
Body Wrappers Mesh Tights in Classic Pink
Canvas Ballet Shoes, Pointe Shoes